Welcome to my humble little blog. My mind is often a waste of a terrible thing. I thought it might be good to both share some of my mind and try to improve it by putting my thoughts down on pixels and bits.

(Remember the Kibbles and Bits commercial with the dogs running around saying: "Kibbles and Bits, Kibbles and Bits, I'm going to get me some Kibbles and Bits!"?) This one is funny, no singing though.

Alas, I digress. Not totally sure what all I will do here, but I plan passing along some of my observations of the trivial, the occasional photo with some commentary (I'm an ingrained amateur), a few links now and then, and possibly a little tech. I'll keep the last one brief, as it's covered extensively elsewhere.

Why the name you may ask? It popped in my head and was cheap and available.



01/19/2011 7:48pm

Welcome to blogosphere -- we've been waiting for you :)

Greg Pysher
04/03/2011 4:14am

Nice. As I am waking up in Copenhagen, Denmark this morning and reading through your posts, I thought to myself ... how funny is it that a person can learn so much about another when they are so far away. The miracle of the web and yet sad at the same time. I enjoyed this very much this morning. Thanks Brett - keep writing and sharing. - Greg

Greg Pysher
05/03/2011 11:59am

uh ... i mean Brent - sheesh , it was early.


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