Squirrels, why do you have to bury your nuts in my yard, killing precious blades of grass?  I'm not climbing your tree and sticking ham sandwiches in your nest.
My local newspaper's headline for today: "Chairman challenges Yow over stray cows."  I thought I lived in a bigger town than that would indicate.
I wish we could treat Canadian geese like house flies. Swat, and no more of your poop on my sidewalk.  Pardon the animal hostility.
Oyster.com books hotel rooms.  One thing they do different is show you realistic pictures of where you will be staying.  The picture to the left is a seemingly nice size room with a king bed at the Holiday Inn NYC-Wall Street.  The picture is on the hotel's web site.

This is the picture on oyster.com's website.  Notice they didn't crop out the wall on the right.  Tight fit, isn't it?  It looks like the door is going to hit the bed when it opens.

Man, I hope this gets better.

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