Latest headline from my local paper involving a cow: "[Chairman] Alston declares a truce over Yow's cow adoption."

Men, if you're going to wear a scarf, I would suggest it be for warmth only and not as an accessory. This especially applies when it is 40+ degrees out. 

I think one of the funniest facial expressions a dog makes is when he's defecating. "Hey, stop looking at me, I need some privacy." 

I notice some realtors put their picture on your yard signs, while others don't. Do the ones that do think to themselves, "This handsome mug could help sell a house.". Conversely, do others think "If I were just a little better looking I could put my picture on my signs."  This guy seems to agree.  This picture looks like a mug shot:

From Rick Reilly's post on dumbest things said at the Superbowl:
“I’m not that prima donna kind of receiver. I don’t have that personality. ... Some of the guys do it just as a publicity stunt to get themselves out there, which is a good strategic plan, but there are other ways to do it. I chose the humility role. This is not a front. It’s just who I am." 
--Green Bay WR Greg Jennings, who went on to refer to himself in the third person and complain about how annoyingly early the interviews were and how suffocating his jersey was on Media Day: “I want to ... let people know who I am and what I’m all about and get a feel for Greg Jennings, not the football player, what I like to do. I’m trying to get myself out there so I can be in a movie this year." 
(Hopefully, some director can cast him in the humility role.) 

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