Thankfully I don’t have to travel by plane for work very often, but I found myself having to take three trips in two weeks.  Some observations:

Despite all the bad press TSA agents get, the ones I encountered were quite pleasant.  I did endure one full body scan with the controversial imaging machines.  Here were my results, but they still let me through:
(Yes, I usually wear my toupee when I travel.)

Once you get through security at the Milwaukee airport they have what is known as a "Recombobulation Area".  I was all set to make fun of this, but I discoverd the TSA intended it as a joke.  They evidently have a better sense of humor than I thought. 

Delta Airlines, bless their hearts, still give you your choice of peanuts or some type of cookie-biscuit-cracker-wafer-cardboard thing.  When I received my 4 ounces of Diet Coke from the flight attendant on Continental, I waited expectantly for my morsels of food.  I was denied as the attendant and her polyester uniform  made their way down the aisle with nary a crumb for me.  Next time, charge me .50 more for my ticket and give me my nuts.

On my way to Milwaukee I had to connect through Chicago.  Time to walk from my arrival gate to departure gate: 16 minutes.  Wheels up to wheels down flight time to Milwaukee: 11 minutes.

I need to relax I guess.  I hadn't looked at an "in-flight magazine" in quite a while.  I found this and hope it does the trick:
It "massages" your head.  I try to shave and not pose when I use mine.

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