It looks ridiculous, but I must admit that I have a certain admiration for guys that can pull off wearing socks and flip flops.

Is it OK to assume that when my dog's sleeping and his tail's wagging, that he's dreaming about me?

This is how you keep your grass from growing over the top of your solar panels, incase you were wondering.  (Taken with my cell phone camera in Person County, NC)

Admittedly, I take a casual approach to church dress. Often I'm "barefoot in my Birkenstocks".  A few weeks ago, dressed that way I met a father of one of our members, who was probably in his upper 60's.  I sat a few rows ahead of him.  During the service I, being a geek, took notes on my ipad.  
After the service I passed by him and he said to me with a slight grin:  "Nice tablet.  It seems if you could afford one of those, you could afford socks and a haircut."
I smiled, and left speechless, which doesn't happen often.
This is how idiots shop when their wife isn't with them.  Email her pictures.

All this clamoring for Bin Laden's picture.  Like Jon Stewart, I don't quite get either side of this debate.  Say for example, if 35% of people don't believe he is dead because they don't trust the government, what percentage of those people are going to believe he is dead when the same government releases a picture.
They say we know it's him because of DNA evidence.  Evidently they saved his dead sister's brain so they could compare?  How did they know that was his sister?  I thought that maybe they got him to agree to a cotton swab dab of the inside of his cheek early on in the war on terror.
If he were still alive wouldn't he be holding up a newspaper headline proclaiming his death and sending the video to Al jazeera?
I just trust that they got him.  I gave the government my social security number after all.  Oh, wait.

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